Advantages of the Platform

There are many advantages of Reflection over traditional stock buying. Some of them are implemented from the start, and some are features that are envisioned for the future.

  • Send tokens to others. Since Reflection stock tokens are ERC20 tokens, they can be sent from one crypto wallet to another. Therefore, they could be sent, for example, as gifts, given away as prizes or rewards, used as payment, or held as loan collateral.

  • Fractional shares. Reflection supports fractional shares. While some brokers do support this, many still do not. Reflection allows you to enter an order either in terms of dollar amount or in terms of the number of desired shares.

  • Increased privacy. In some jurisdictions, the reporting requirements for crypto are not as strict as for stock trading.

  • “Unbanked” support. No bank account is required to trade with Reflection

  • Accessible globally. Participate in the stock market from anywhere in the world.

  • Global market access. Buy or sell stock tokens for stocks that trade on any exchange in the world.

  • Automated currency conversion. Buy stock tokens using any supported stablecoin, irrespective of the currency of the underlying stock.

  • Pairs trading. Trade stock tokens that represent a long position of one stock or ETF and a short position of another stock or ETF.

  • Basket trading. Trade stock tokens that represent a pre-configured or user-customized basket of stocks.

  • Short selling. When stocks become hard-to-borrow with traditional brokers, stock tokens may still be available for short-selling on Reflection.

  • Leveraged trading. Control stock worth 5x or even 10x the amount of your investment.

  • Pay with crypto. Some people just liking paying for things with crypto!

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