Appendix A - FAQ

How do I know that you are really holding the correct number of shares of stock in your brokerage account for all of the stock tokens that you have issued? And, how do I know that all of the RUSD tokens you have issued are really backed by the correct amount of dollars and stablecoin?

We will publish attestation reports from a third-party auditing company which analyzes the blockchain transactions to determine the number of outstanding tokens and has a direct view into our brokerage account, our bank account, and our crypto wallets. Initially, the reports will be published monthly, but we hope to move to a real-time reporting system as soon as possible.

In which markets will you operate?

We will operate globally except in countries that are sanctioned as per the US government, or countries in which the compliance and regulatory hurdles are too steep to overcome. Initially, we will not operate in the US. Our first market will be India.

What platforms will you support at launch?

At launch, we will support:

  • The Polygon blockchain

  • USDT (Tether) and RUSD stablecoins

  • MetaMask wallet and Wallet Connect

  • Desktop (Chrome browser)

  • Mobile devices with MetaMask

Do you support dividends?

Not initially, but we plan to add support for dividends in the future.

Can the stock token be redeemed for shares of the underlying stock?


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